Brands We Carry

The sales team at Sunrich makes it a point to cater to all the different car model collectors in the industry. We strive to offer customers the highest demand products at the most reasonable prices on the market. While working hard at carrying only the best on the market, we are also very proud of the brands we offer below.

  • TSM-Model

    TSM-Model's Logo
    TSM-Model's Logo

    In 2007, TSM-Model entered the model collecting world in full force and has continually grown towards becoming the industry standard. Starting from humble beginnings with the Snap-on accessory sets, they have grown to introducing over 130 different items per year and covering a variety of different scales from the standard 1:43rd to the impressive 1:8th MasterCraft collection models. TSM-Model selection ranges from the classic Rolls-Royce to McLaren's newest super car, accessories from retro fuel pumps, racing figurines, to specially signed Signature Collection models from some of the world's most recognizable drivers and car designers. Whether in die-cast or resin, TSM-Model offers the detail, the selection, and the diversity to satisfy the needs that all model collectors are looking for.

  • TopSpeed

    TopSpeed's Logo
    TopSpeed's Logo

    TopSpeed Model is a new brand from the makers of TSM-Model, producing entry level 1/18 scale replicas for collectors with a strong balance between price and quality.

    By utilizing our resources and experience in the model industry, TopSpeed has a goal of delivering great value. Using the latest in 3D scanning technology allows us to minimize development costs and decrease the cost of producing accurate models for collectors. By focusing our efforts on popular subject material we are able to spread out development costs over a larger production, and this also allows for additional savings when producing related models that share common parts. We aim to offer the perfect balance between price and quality and use our years of manufacturing experience to the direct benefit of collectors worldwide.

    This new brand will offer a wide range of selections, with initial offerings featuring modern sports cars such as the new Acura NSX and the Ford GT. With a product range including automotive heavyweights such as Jaguar, McLaren and Alfa Romeo, TopSpeed will offer something for everyone.

  • Tecnomodel

    Tecnomodel's Logo
    Tecnomodel's Logo

    Tecnomodel was founded by brothers Gianluca and Ilario Ghizzardi in 1992, formerly called Ghizzardi Mario Company , Gianluca and Ilario father , who previously was the company that made the molds and prototypes for the most Diecast Italian Company in the 80s like BBurago,Best models, Bang Models but also for Poker Rivarossi and ItalAerei. etc..etc..

    After years spent in creating prototypes and models for others Company The Son Gainluca and Ilario Founded Tecnomodelel Srl

    Specialized in the creation of High qulaity model car made in resin , very limited edition 1/18-1/24-and 1/43 scale.

    These Tecnomodel miniatures are very accurately scaled: much attention to detail has been paid in their production, made possible by the use the latest tecnology innovations, they allow even the most demanding collector to make a really exclusive collection of th utmost quality.

    Tecnomodel kits are of the same high quality as the ‘built’ models, allowing personal satisfaction for their realization and the possibility of making special versions.